~ Hibiki new release 35 year old Arita and Kutani ceramic limited edition ~

Suntory has just released their 4th and 5th 35 years ceramic special edition. A lot of people asked why are people going crazy spending so much on a blended whisky? Perhaps I can try to answer it on the own point if view. 1. It’s actually quite difficult to locate old grain whiskies not to mention the bottle could have whiskies that are older than 35 years old. A good old grain whiskies can taste as great as any single malt in the market. 2. There are only 150 bottles made of each bottle..for collectors who owned the previous 3 will definitely interested in getting a hands on these bottles. Which makes it even more difficult to find it in a secondary market without paying a high price. And this lead to the 3rd point. The previous releases are showing impressive growth(200-300% from release price) in auctions and second-hand market. So whether you are collecting it or to drink it. I believe this is actually a very valuable purchase. Correct me if I am wrong but that’s just my own opinion.